Alexandra Stewart, The Trade Desk Denise Esakoff, Sharecare Hart Mechlin, Veeva Joseph Lyons, LiveRamp Steve Pruzinsky, Sharecare

How 1st-party Health Data Fuels Trust & Performance In A Cookie-less World

April 21, 2022 1:45 pm - 2:30 pm

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Alexandra Stewart
Denise Esakoff
Steve Pruzinsky
Joseph Lyons
Hart Mechlin

Never before has self- reported, first-party data been more important in efforts to reach patients and caregivers with important messaging that they can trust, through means that they can trust.  With cookie-based online advertising nearing to a close, how does this affect pharmaceutical and life-science marketers, who messages must reach the right patients at the right time?  Discover innovative identity-based solutions to help connect your brand in meaningful ways with target health audiences in this new era of a cookie-less world.


 Three Key Takeaways

  • The Reinvention of the Industry: Fear not- The demise of the cookie is a good thing.  This new era of advertising is better for brands and consumers. Learn how companies are refocusing and reinventing how they reach consumers.
  • The Benefits:Understand the benefits of targetable unique identifiers and how they help to protect consumer privacy and consumer build trust.
  • Solutions That Fuel Performance:Discover how identity-based solutions perform better than cookie-based targeting and learn Marketing 2.0 strategies to identify, engage, and activate patient populations in a cookie-less world.