About the Women’s Health Conference

About the Conference

The business of women’s health is uniquely positioned as the gateway to the buying power of women.  Their decision making processes regarding the selection of health care products and services is highly complex and multi-dimensional. This  impacts  immediate purchasing decisions as well as the development of long term relationships with women as the dominant buyers and influencers in health purchases.  Professionals who manage the life cycle of women’s health products and services are frequently challenged at various stages of business development and find it difficult to identify resources and examples of successful strategies and tactics to assist them in their roles.  Additionally, inventors and innovators of new women’s health products and services may be challenged with funding, approval, economic models and market entry strategies. This conference is focused on strategic business development in women’s health, and on the multiple factors and stakeholders that influence success in this critical business segment.

Participants will hear from renowned experts in women’s health business and will have the opportunity to network with the experts and with colleagues from across the globe.

Conference Objectives:

The Women’s Health Conference is a partnership with Dr. Vicki A. Lucas, President of Vicki Lucas, LLC, Women’s Health Management Consultants.

Xpectives.Health Summit

Xpectives.Health is a full year of healthcare advertising events, happening virtually from January-summer and culminating at The Xpectives.Health Summit, home of the DTC National, April 19-21 in Boston. The core of Xpectives.Health is the 20+ year DTC National and 5+ year Hospital Marketing National events, with tracks for new audiences under one roof. Events at the Xpectives.Health Summit include:

2022 Xpectives.Health Summit Tentative Agenda

April 19
  • Welcome Party
  • DTC 101 (2 DTC U credits) (Separate pass purchase required)

April 20
  • 2022 DTC National Conference Day 1 (2 Master Class Credits)
  • Forum on Telehealth Marketing (2 Master Class Credits)
  • Hospital Marketing National Conference
  • DTC Top 25 Marketers of the Year & Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony
  • Multicultural Health National Conference (2 Master Class Credits)
  • Hospital Marketing Awards Ceremony

April 21
  • 2021 DTC National Conference Day 2 (2 Master Class credits)
  • OTC National (2 Master Class Credits)
  • DTC Forum on Health Marketing Innovation, Technology, and Clinical Trials (2 Master Class Credits)
  • Women’s Health Conference
  • DTC Advertising Awards Ceremony

Conference fees are fully refundable up to 90 days prior to conference start. Between 90 and 60 days prior to conference start, 50% is refundable. Within 60 days prior to conference start, no refunds can be given. However, attendees who cancel within 60 days prior to conference start will receive a credit good for one calendar year to use at any DTC Perspectives events or online classes. Passes can be transferred to a colleague if transferred 3 weeks prior to the event.


All attendees are required to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 two weeks prior to conference start. By purchasing a pass to the Innovation’s in Women’s Health Conference one agrees that they are already or will be fully vaccinated two weeks prior to the conference.


Consistent with current protocols in Boston, the state of Massachusetts, and based on current Federal Guidance from the CDC, masks and social distancing are strongly recommended but no longer required to attend this event. We will have masks, temperature checks, and hand sanitizer available for all participants but they are not required. If recommendations or requirements from any of these organizations are updated, new protocols will be issued at that time to comport with those changes. Please be careful in your attendance, try to mask and distance if/when possible, and please do not attend if you have a fever, loss of taste or smell, or any other symptoms of COVID or any other communicable disease.