Alicia Chong Rodriguez, Bloomer Tech BRITTANY BARRETO, PHD, Coyote Venture Juliette McClendon, PhD, Big Health SABRINA JOHNSON, Dare Bioscience

Femtech: Emerging Technology in Women’s Health

Staffordshire April 21, 2022 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Tracy MacNeal
Sabrina Johnson
Alicia Chong Rodriguez
Juliette McClendon, PhD

This panel will focus on Femtech which is the use of current and future technology to meet unique women’s health needs or to manage a medical condition in women that has a different disease course.  Participants will hear from founders, inventors and innovators in Women’s Health who will share their journey in Femtech and what the future holds regarding the impact of technology in Women’s Health.  The integration of Femtech into Women’s Health services will also be discussed as well as the outcomes achieved and projected.