What We Do

In an effort to help companies better understand the entirety of challenges today’s healthcare consumer faces, DTC Perspectives Inc. launched their newest venture, Xpectives.Health. This concept focuses on better understanding the healthcare consumer by focusing on them as the nexus of healthcare decision-making in products, services, access, and payments. The goal of this new venture is to utilize various properties DTC Perspectives already utilizes such as its OTC National, DTC National, Hospital Marketing National, along with some new ventures, such as Women’s Health Business and Health Marketing Innovation, Tech, and Clinical Trials, to discuss different areas where the consumer interacts with healthcare and how the consumer can be better served in this space, with options in healthcare better articulated to them in various media.

DTC Perspectives will also supplement these with regular virtual events to bring in best in class speakers, studies, and content to keep healthcare companies and their partners abreast of the latest development, research, and best practices in healthcare for consumers. Resuming in mid-January, each month we will host Talking DTC with Bob Ehrlich and Talking Health with Scott Ehrlich. Each series will be a roughly 30-60 minute webinar. Talking DTC with Bob Ehrlich, hosted by our chairman & founder, will discuss top DTC marketing topics. Talking Health with Scott Ehrlich, led by our CEO, will cover other health industry and emerging health-related subjects.

All of this will culminate in Xpectives.Health Summit, which will bring together all the aforementioned conferences under one roof in April 2023 in Boston. Anchored by the DTC National Conference, DTC Perspectives’ flagship event of over 20 years, around hundreds of DTC health marketers are expected to attend this overarching event in total, which will bring targeted content in each of these spaces to healthcare marketers, executives, professionals, and their partners.

Attendees will be able to take part in all these events with a single trip out of the office, having access to not only DTC Perspectives’ industry-leading content in their own areas of expertise, but being able to take in content from complimentary industries, to learn more not only about the healthcare consumer that they may not get from their own industry-targeted events, but how other partners are working with their customers. Attendees will also get to take part in some great networking opportunities, to meet with current and potential partners outside of their own industries to discuss how they can work together to better reach and serve healthcare customers.