FemForce Awards in Women’s Health

April 18, 2024 | Westin Copley Place | Boston
April 18, 2024 | Westin Copley Place | Boston

About the FemForce Awards

FemForce Awards: Celebrating Trailblazers in Women’s Health

We are honoring Leaders across Women’s Health industries to highlight the significant impact and contributions that they have made to their fields and to the women whom they ultimately serve. The health status of women is a correlate for the health of our world. The multiple industries and leaders who impact women’s health deserve to be honored, and their contributions highlighted and shared with the world. The FemForce Awards are a prestigious honor, dedicated to acknowledging and celebrating the outstanding contributions of professionals in the field of Women’s Health. These awards shine a spotlight on those who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation, and impact in this vital sector. Nominees can represent projects of the year, innovations of the year, quality improvement of the year, team of the year and so forth.

Award Categories:

  1. Early Career Achievement Award: This category is designed to recognize the rising stars in Women’s Health. It honors individuals with 2 to 10 years of leadership experience who have shown remarkable excellence and promise in their field. These nominees are the ones shaping the future of Women’s Health with their innovative approaches and significant contributions.
  2. Vanguard Award: This award is reserved for the veterans in Women’s Health, honoring those with more than 10 years of experience in the field. Nominees for this award are esteemed leaders who have made a substantial, enduring impact in Women’s Health. Their achievements not only exemplify excellence but also inspire continued progress and innovation in the sector.

Nominee Profile:

  • Active involvement in Women’s Health is a prerequisite for nominees.
  • Eligible candidates span a wide range of industry sectors, including healthcare, research, education, marketing, pharmaceuticals, technology, and more, reflecting the diverse landscape of Women’s Health.
  • Nominees should have a track record of achievements recognized as significant by their peers and target groups.

Selection Process:

  • The award focuses on tangible accomplishments and the nominee’s potential for future influence and continued success in Women’s Health.
  • Nominations are confidential, ensuring an unbiased and respectful selection process.

Nomination Guidelines:

  • Open to an unlimited number of nominees, including self-nominations, encouraging a broad representation of talents.
  • There is no entry fee, making the awards accessible to all deserving candidates.

The FemForce Awards are not just accolades but a testament to the enduring commitment and groundbreaking work of professionals in Women’s Health. They recognize the dedication, innovation, and impact of those who are not only leaders today but also the driving force for a healthier tomorrow.

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Award Ceremony Agenda

April 18, 2024

4:00 – 4:30
Keynote Session: Next Gen Tech and AI
Main Ballroom | Essex Center South
Moderator: Mark Bard
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
The DHC Group
Stefani Klaskow
Director, Healthcare
Danielle Salowski
Industry Director
Health, Meta

4:30 – 5:30
Keynote Fireside Chat: Innovations and the Future of Healthcare
Main Ballroom | Essex Center South
Scott Gottlieb, MD
23rd Commissioner (2017-2019)

5:30 – 7:00
Cocktail Party
Exhibit Hall | America Ballroom

7:00 – 9:00
FemForce Awards Dinner
Staffordshire Ballroom