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Multicultural Health Marketing 101 Agenda

The MCH 101 program provides a comprehensive exploration of key multicultural communities, their unique healthcare needs, and effective marketing strategies to create impactful and inclusive campaigns. The program aims to equip healthcare organizations with the knowledge and strategies needed to address the challenges and opportunities in this rapidly evolving landscape.

After completing the Multicultural Health Marketing (MCH) 101 program, students will walk away with a basic understanding on best practices for reaching key multicultural populations. MCH 101 includes several pre-recorded webinars + live presenters that comprise the program. Students will receive a certificate of completion and become a certified Multicultural Marketer.

The MCH 101 live moderated video sessions will be composed of the exact same courses from the virtual version but be run by an expert moderator that will be able to answer any question you have in real time so learnings will be more in depth. Live attendees will also receive all the same videos from MCH 101 for reference to review at their convenience. Attendees will also be able to guarantee certification in a single day and, because their participation is verified, will not be required to test and will receive their certification at the conclusion of the day.

DTC Perspectives will provide every person who completes this course with:

  • A Certificate (digital) to verify program completion
  • Ability to add a listing of name, title, and company on DTC University website
  • Certified Multicultural Health Marketer distinction on conference badges

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October 27, 2023

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W Hoboken
225 River Street
Hoboken, New Jersey 07030

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Xpectives.Health University: Multicultural Health (MCH) 101 Agenda


Welcome Remarks


MCH 101 Courses:

Multicultural Health Marketing: An Industry Overview

The increasing and burgeoning population growth of racially, ethnically, and linguistically diverse U.S. communities presents strategic and tactical challenges to healthcare organizations focused on designing DTC campaigns. This demographic revolution is compounded by the national health agenda to eliminate health disparities, FDA mandates to increase diversity in clinical trials, and the appeal to big pharma to be a stakeholder in striving for health equity for all – no matter what you look like, where you come from, or what language you speak. The data are now more compelling than ever before that there are clear connections between cultural awareness, disease prevalence, disease incidence, effective treatment, the practice of evidence-based humane medicine, adherence, and improved outcomes for diverse groups. Competitive advantage will accrue to organizations comfortable with multiculturalism and take strategic, measurable, and sustainable action. This session will provide an historical overview of the state of the art of multicultural healthcare marketing, best practices in developing outreach, engagement and ROI-driven DTC campaigns, and an analysis of case histories from molecule to market.
Sheila Thorne
President & CEO,
Multicultural Healthcare Marketing Group

More Than Just a Translation: A Dedicated Approach for Multicultural Marketing in Pharma

Not only does the multicultural audience continue to grow, but it’s evolving at a rapid pace. In the course, “More Than Just a Translation: A dedicated approach for multicultural marketing in pharma”, attendees will take a look at some of the fastest-growing segments, the keys to successfully reaching them, and learn if they are really connecting with the audience to make a measurable difference.
Steve Millerman
General Manager,
Fingerpaint Multicultural


MCH 101 Courses:

Healthcare in the Black Community: The Untold Human Truths

They say that 80% of any health outcome is determined by what is called Social Determinants of Health or SDOH. This includes factors such as access to nutritious food, transportation, income levels, air pollution, social support, affluency, and other social economic variables; not overall intelligence. These factors are the bedrock of systemic inequalities in the US. At massive scale, the Black community continues to be left behind, sitting on the other side of major gap in Mental and Physical Wellbeing.

COVID simply accelerated these disparities and now the power has shifted very much to peer-to-peer communication. Marketing, in particular to reach the Black community, needs a completely new “Design” on how to connect at a human level. In this 101 session, Albert Thompson will take you through the truths in the Black community’s distrust within the Healthcare spectrum and where trust and influence lies.
Albert Thompson
Director Brand Strategy,
Transient Identiti

Multicultural Health Marketing: Hispanic 101

In this webinar, Multicultural Health Marketing: Hispanic 101, join Santiago Solutions Group as they discuss the key aspects of Hispanic market and the opportunities for healthcare. This webinar will include data on Hispanic demographics within the United States and an overview of Hispanic health and death rates. Additionally, SSG’s cultural experts will share key insights into Hispanic health-related behaviors and attitudes, disparities and barriers to care, and opportunities within the market. Learn how to better connect and gain the trust of this fast-growing Hispanic market in the US.
Carlos Santiago
President & Chief Strategist, Santiago Solutions Group; Co-founder & Co-Architect, Cultural Inclusion Accelerator; Co-founder, AIMM
Manuel Santiago
Data Analyst,
Santiago Solutions Group
Alyssa Villavicencio
Marketing Specialist,
Santiago Solutions Group
Sofía Ortiz
Cultural Marketing Manager,
Santiago Solutions Group


MCH 101 Courses:

Meaningful Connections with Asian Americans in Healthcare Marketing – Understanding the Audience

This Asian healthcare marketing 101 course covers demographics, characteristics, cultural nuances of the Asian population as well as key considerations in healthcare marketing including leading disease states, health disparities, barriers to care, and effective outreach strategies.
Iris Yim
Vice President,
Asian American Advertising Federation
Jeannie Yuen
Strategy Lead,

LGBTQ Health Concerns/ High Indexing and How to Reach

This overview of health issues for which LGBTQ people over index as compared to the Average American will give you good source material (i.e., where we look to seek information) as well as an overview of how to properly reach this consumer group. Presented by one of the oldest, most established media companies in the LGBTQ market, Todd Evans will guide you and let you know just how to best reach this segment including what segment is easy to reach and which is not. Hint, it is not the same as other marginalized markets and yet you will find it is simple, easy, and manageable to target properly.
Todd Evans
President and CEO,


MCH 101 Courses:

Reaching Diverse Audiences in a Fragmented Media Ecosystem

Today’s media ecosystem is more complex than ever, with consumers using all sorts of screens, platforms, and formats to access content and advertising. Horowitz Research will get you up to speed on how to reach Black, Latinx, and Asian audiences, and the kind of advertising and messaging that is most likely to engage them.
Adriana Waterston
Chief Revenue Officer, Insights & Strategy Lead,
Horowitz Research

Best Practices for Approaching & Developing Multicultural Health Marketing Programs

This session provides an in-depth and step-by-step process for healthcare companies to effectively market to Hispanic, African-American, and Asian communities, including two examples of successful multicultural health marketing programs.
José Villa
President / Chief Strategy Officer,