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DTC Master Class: Digital & Social

Digital and social media play significant roles not only in the everyday lives of consumers but also in health management for patients, especially after the emergence of the pandemic. This program from Xpectives.Health University will take a deeper look into specific topics to provide you with practical knowledge as well as effective ways to utilize these opportunities.

Our course leaders will provide lessons on:

  • Campaign development and marketing strategy, including brand engagement, influencer marketing and community management, counterculture long-form content in a short-form world, and common pitfalls to avoid
  • Impacts of digital and social media on doctor-patient conversations
  • Shifting towards first-party data
  • Future applications and their implementation, including blockchain and the metaverse

This program is available virtually OnDemand as well as in-person through live-moderated video sessions and interactive workshops.

DTC Perspectives will provide every person who completes this course with:

  • A Certificate (digital) to verify program completion
  • Access to a curated library of presentations from the last several years of DTC Perspectives Conferences that do not count towards your certification but provide great supplemental learnings and references to enhance your education on these topics
  • Ability to add a listing of name, title, and company on DTC University website
  • Certified DTC Marketer distinction on conference badges

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April 16, 2024

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DTC Master Class: Digital & Social: Agenda

Xpectives.Health University: DTC Master Class: Digital & Social Media Agenda


Welcome Remarks

Moderator: Mike Spitz
Chief Strategist,
Blitz Strategy, LLC


DTC Master Class Courses:

From Pandemic to Endemic to Nodemic: How COVID has Permanently Transformed DTC Marketing

Spitz takes the DTC University class through a whirlwind tour of how the global pandemic has impacted DTC marketing creative, content, and engagement strategies. Bottom line: trends the industry has felt for over a decade were accelerated and are now permanently ingrained in how healthcare companies connect with patients.
Moderator: Mike Spitz
Chief Strategist,
Blitz Strategy, LLC

DTC and The Streaming “TV” Marketplace

This course tracks the challenges to advertisers due to the rise of the Streaming “TV” marketplace and the decline of the Linear TV Marketplace.

This marketplace transition is very different from the last major TV marketplace transition where Cable-Telco-Satellite rose at the expense of Broadcast TV. For the most part, that transition was price favorable to the advertising market, while the current Streaming transition is creating significant pricing issues along with driving a shrinking supply of audiences to buy. The combination presents advertisers with significant issues that will significantly increase in the next 5-10 years.

This video course will outline and explain the issues; provide an overview of the Streaming Marketplace; then outline some of the biggest challenges and opportunities available to DTC advertisers. Moderator Mike Spitz will lead an interactive group discussion following the presentation.

The solutions all focus on tangible things that advertisers and their media agencies need to do to optimally navigate this transition. Advice is provided on which paths can undermine ROI performance and which paths can best maximize the available ROI for DTC brands.
Steve Palmisano


DTC Master Class Courses:

Search & Social Media Advertising

Learn how to build strong Rx pharma campaigns on search and social platforms, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, among others. Discover common pitfalls to avoid, including automating FDA compliance to reduce risk of inadvertent FDA violations. This course will also provide you with message testing insights to drive increased Rx lift.
Ian Orekondy
Chief Executive Officer,

Social Media: Overview, Community Management, & Influencer Marketing

In this multi-part course from Klick Health, you will learn about key areas within social media.

Pharma Social 201 – Lessons from the Frontier (coming soon!)

The Importance of Community Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Those in the pharmaceutical industry are more reluctant than ever to get involved in conversations on social media. Managing a pharma-focused social community is difficult, but Amanda Scriver, Associate Manager of Community Engagement at Klick, wants to change that. In her presentation, Amanda will share how, in the heaviest of pharma regulations, although you may not be able to act as chaotic as McDonald’s or Duolingo online, you can still challenge yourself and build something fun. In this 35-minute presentation, Amanda will teach you how to build community, challenge yourself creatively, stay nimble, understand your patient community (who will better inform your social strategy and content), and find a way to report on the ROI.
Amanda Scriver
Associate Manager, Community Engagement,
Klick Health

Influencer Marketing & Strategy

Thomas Engstrom walks you through an introduction to the world of influencer marketing. From Roman Gladiators to the mommy bloggers of the early 2000s, this course will take a look at how the world of influence has evolved. Learn how your brands can execute these programs in authentic and regulatorily compliant ways.
Thomas Engstrom
Group Director of Influencer Marketing,
Klick Health


DTC Master Class Courses:

The New Revolution in DTC Advertising

DTC advertising impact on sales has grown since its early years at the start of this century. At that time, the emphasis was on mass media channels where targeting was not strong. For many products, targeting was not essential as they treated a relatively large percentage of the population. The dynamics of DTC advertising are changing with digital channels increasingly used to carry DTC messages. These channels can augment traditional approaches and, in some cases, even replace them. Digital permits much better targeting and enables companies to develop information rich communications. This is now a critical factor in how companies engage with patients and encourage a productive discussion with their doctors. This presentation reviews how digital marketing impacts patients and provides specific tips on how to maximize the effectiveness of your creative efforts. We compare the effectiveness of specific elements of digital advertising to demonstrate why certain campaigns have performed more strongly than others. Case study examples are provided to show efforts that used digital marketing efforts effectively. Moderator Mike Spitz will lead an interactive group discussion following the presentation.
Frank Chipman
Vice President,
Advanced Insights & Marketing

YouTube 101 for Pharma Marketers

Reaching over 2 million users every month, YouTube has become the epicenter of culture. Learn how pharmaceutical marketers are leaning into the platform to deliver on their full funnel media objectives. The YouTube team also covers insights on video creative best practices to ensure your campaigns are as engaging and effective as possible.
Garret Leahey
Senior Partnership Lead, Pharma & OTC,
Priya Mone
Senior Pharma and OTC Brand Strategist & Creative Lead,


DTC Master Class Courses:

Managing Identity in a Cookieless World

The identity landscape for digital marketing is evolving – the cookie is crumbling, consumer respect is in the spotlight, and both ad tech policy and legislation are changing to keep up. What does it all mean for marketers?

This course will bring you up to speed with the latest changes in:
• Consumer privacy legislation
• Corporate policy changes from the ad tech giants
• Industry response to the shifting identity landscape

And provide you with:
• Best practices for navigating direct data relationships
• Guidance for marketers to navigate people-based advertising and measurement in 2023 and beyond
Emily Kistner
Director, New Business & Identity Solutions,

Blockchain in Healthcare

Is blockchain just another buzzword or is there more to it? Aren’t NFTs just .jpeg images… what’s the big deal? The metaverse looks great for video games, but how is that relevant to healthcare and health marketing? This course will cover the blockchain basics and explain why DTC health marketers need to be paying attention to “the new internet.” Don’t get left behind! Moderator Mike Spitz will lead an interactive group discussion following the presentation.
Nadia Khatri
VP, Connections Planning,
Havas Media

Managing Your DTC Levers Of Growth

While DTC healthcare marketing is ripe with innovation and change from COVID-19 and post COVID-19, there are consistent markers of impact that stand the test of time. Come learn about the levers of growth within consumer marketing from Wunderman Thompson’s Zach Shapiro. Zach will share critical levers for brands and marketers to think through to drive impact from digital and social efforts, introducing best practices when planning and optimizing work in health.
Zachary Shapiro
Senior Vice President, Strategy,
Wunderman Thompson Health

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