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October 27, 2023 | W Hoboken, NJ
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October 27, 2023 | Hoboken, NJ

About the Agency Vanguard Awards

The Agency Vanguard Awards were established to recognize exceptional team members within advertising agencies who are driving innovation and making significant improvements in patient communications. These prestigious awards aim to honor agency executives who have demonstrated their influence on future consumer health launches or campaigns and have made recognized contributions to patients and their respective industries.

Nominees for this award can come from any agency sector, including but not limited to creative, media planning, buying, branding, strategy, and more. This inclusive approach ensures that outstanding individuals from various disciplines within the agency world are eligible for recognition. The Agency Vanguard Awards celebrate the diverse talents and expertise that contribute to the success of consumer health marketing campaigns.

The Agency Vanguard Awards will be bestowed upon agency executives based on their actual accomplishments, influence on future consumer health launches or campaigns, and recognized contributions and service to patients as well as their respective industries. These awards not only celebrate the outstanding achievements of these elite marketers but also serve as an inspiration to the advertising industry as a whole, promoting excellence, innovation, and patient-centric communication strategies.

The 2023 class will be honored at a live ceremony at the W Hoboken in New Jersey on October 27 following the Xpectives.Health University day courses.

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2023 Agency Vanguard Class

The 2023 Agency Vanguard Class Includes:

Stephanie Berman, Chief Creative Officer, Hill Holliday Health

Heather Buckanin, Associate Vice President, Client Services, Snow Companies

Sharon Carothers, Managing Director, Sensis

Mike Chapman, Senior Vice President, Account Services, Springboard Brand & Creative Strategy

Liz Deutch, Managing Director, Ogilvy Health

Susie Duncan, Associate Vice President, Compliance, Snow Companies

Justin Freid, Chief Media & Innovation Officer, CMI Media Group

Amy Gómez, PhD, SVP, Diversity Strategy, Klick Health

Bindhu Gopalan, Chief Client Officer, Greater Than One

Richard How, VP – Creative Director, AbelsonTaylor

Nadia Khatri, VP, Mx Planning, Havas Media

David Klein, EVP, Media, Publicis Health Media

Kris LoCascio, Executive Creative Director, Heartbeat

John Marchese, Chief Strategy Officer, Health, VMLY&R

Steven Millerman, General Manager, Fingerpaint Multicultural

Lauren Naima, Executive Creative Director, Klick

Robyn O’Brien, VP, CX Strategy, Evoke

Kamala Prince, Vice President, Managing Director Luckie Health, Luckie & Co.

Cynthia Rothbard, EVP, Group Creative Director, FCB Health New York

Jennifer Shirley,  President, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness, Publicis Health

Julieta Smith, SVP Strategic Planning, Ogilvy Health

Johanna Tompetrini, EVP, Group Client Director, CMI Media Group


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  • 2022 Past Winners
  • 2019 Past Winners
  • 2018 Past Winners
  • 2017 Past Winners
  • 2016 Past Winners
2022 Past Winners

All listings are from date of award

Leonardo Arcoverde, VP, Creative Director, AREA 23 | An IPG Health Company
Andy Bagnall, Managing Director, Growth, Evoke
Melissa Barnhart, Chief Client Officer, CMI Media Group
Yesenia Bautista, Director, Point of Care, Publicis Health Media (PHM)
Andrew Brief, Director Client Services, DeVito/Verdi
Kara Briseno, CHES, Account Director, Relevate Health
Marie E. Brogdon, SVP, Management Director, FCB Health NY
Mary Brown, SVP/Managing Director, Ogilvy Health
Amina Colter Jones, Senior Vice President, Health, Edelman
Toni Dandrea, Partner / Chief Marketing Officer, Media Bridge Advertising
Jena Dengrove, VP, Creative Director, LiveWorld Inc.
Joe DiFoglio, VP, Group Director, Carat
Natalia Dragan, Media Lead, Fingerpaint Multicultural
Karla Fernandez Parker, Managing Director, Sensis
Lexie Glanz, Senior Brand Strategist, PRECISIONeffect
Kendra Haines, VP, Group Director, Point of Care Investment, Havas Media Group
Ilene Harper, Vice President, Strategy, Targetbase
Jon Irvine, SVP Creative Director, Snow Companies
Jeanne Jennings, SVP, Media Lead, McCann Health Engagement
Evan Kam, VP, Account Director, Hill Holliday Health
Dawn Lacallade, Chief Strategist and VP of Client Services, Healthcare, LiveWorld Inc.
Mara Lucas, VP, Client Services, Snow Companies
Italia Marr, Associate Media Director, Greater Than One
Meekie Meberg, Associate Director, Strategy, Hill Holliday Health
Laura Morrison, SVP, Brand Strategist, Klick Health
Lisa Murphy, Group Planning Director, Havas Tonic
Alyson O’Mahoney, Managing Director, RLA Collective, a Ruder Finn Company
Alaina Paciulli, Managing Partner, Integrated Media Director, Seiden Advertising
Eric Pernod, Creative Director, AbelsonTaylor
Allie Raplee, Associate Media Director, Greater Than One
Laura Roberts, Chief Client Officer, SPM Group
Andy Semons, Founder, Strategic Planning Partner, IPNY
Karima Sharif, Head of Inclusive Investments & Partnerships Lead (DTC/HCP), Publicis Health Media (PHM)
Moshé Simpson, Vice President, Client Services, Snow Companies
Anna Urick, VP, Group Account Director, TANK Worldwide
Kimberley Walsh, Chief Creative Officer, Targetbase
Chris Whaites, Group Creative Director, Heartbeat
Sarah Zielie, Vice President of Media, space150
Melissa Schap, Vice President, Client Services, Snow Companies

2019 Past Winners

All listings are from date of award

Karen, Antuzzi, SVP, Group Director, Digital, Carat

Carl, Ceo, SVP, Executive Creative Director PRN, MRM//McCann

Justin, Chan, Senior Manager, Strategic Development, Evoke

Eileen, Chin, Director, Ten Health

Victoria, Driscoll, VP, Account Director, Wunderman Thompson Health and Global Client Lead, WPP, Wunderman Thompson Health

Caine, Fair, Director of social media, Havas San Francisco

Rob, Galimidi, SVP, Group Management Director, FCB Health

Catherine, Goss, Executive Vice President, Client Engagement, Ogilvy Health

Carla, Harbrink, SVP, Management Director, FCB Health

Joe, Jelic, Partner/ECD, Cult360/CultHealth

Bonnie, Kane, EVP, Group Account Director | New York, Publicis North America

Beth, Kuykendall, Chief Strategy Officer, Targetbase

Edward, Morrissey, VP, Account Director, McCann Health

Kat, Piscatelli, Group Account Director, VMLY&R

Jessica, Proffitt, VP, Client Services, Snow Companies

Ari, Schaefer, Managing Director, Klick Health

Scott, Simpson, EVP, Group Strategy Director, Hill Holliday Health

Janelle, Starr, EVP, Marketing, Heartbeat

Brit, Till, EVP, Executive Creative Director, The Bloc

Svenja, Timme-Bastian, Executive Creative Director & Creative Consultant, thisisahealthy. space, STRIKEFORCE Communications, LLC /

David, Windhausen, Executive Vice President and President of Intouch B2D, Intouch Group

Eileen, Wrobel-Katz, Managing Director, Video Investment, Resolution Media

2018 Past Winners

All listings are from date of award

Ryan, Bell, Senior Vice President, Associate Creative Director, Art, Patients & Purpose

Wendy, Blackburn, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Intouch Group

Mike, Devlin, EVP, Group Creative Director, FCB Health Network

Melissa, Gordon-Ring, Global Account Director, PHD

Christianna, Gorin, Executive Strategy Director, Y&R New York

Jonathan, Harris, VP, Group Director, Search, Carat

Karin, Locovare, SVP, Group Marketing Director, Arnold Worldwide

Alison, Loiacono, SVP, Group Acct Director (Consumer), McCann Health NY

Noah, Lowenthal, SVP, Creative Director, AbelsonTaylor

William, Martino, Managing Director, Wunderman Health NY

Jill, Mastroianni, VP Account Director, Grey

Megan, McCann, SVP, Management Director, Area 23

Kurt, Nossan, Executive Creative Director, Havas Worldwide TONIC

Julie, Petroski, Vice President, Group Creative Director, Targetbase

Mariusz, Pisarek, SVP Group Account Director, Hill Holliday

Hudson, Plumb, SVP, Strategy | EHR & Outcome Optimization, Heartbeat

Amanda, Puglia, VP, Account Director, CultHealth

Sheri, Rothblatt, Managing Director, Pathway

Johanna, Skilling, Head of Planning, Ogilvy CommonHealth

Kristina, Teng, SVP, Client Service Director, Concentric Health Experience

Kirsty, Whelan, VP, Strategy, imre health

2017 Past Winners

All listings are from date of award

Melissa, Andrews, Vice President, Client Service, Targetbase

Cam, Bedford, SVP Strategy and Analytics, Klick

Chris, Bernesby, SVP Creative Director, AREA 23

Gary, Chu, EVP, Director of Account Management, McCann HumanCare

Collette, Douaihy, SVP/Group Creative Director, Digitas Health

Belle, Frank, Chief Strategy Officer, Young & Rubicam Health Practice

Sarah, Hall, EVP, Executive Director, FCB Health

Alyson, Hardy, SVP, Group Account Director, Wunderman DC

Kelly, Kvitka, VP Group Account Director, Marketing, Digitas Health

Greg, Lao, EVP, Managing Director, McCann HumanCare

Susie, Lodise, SVP, Group Account Director, Publicis North America

Ilene, Malakoff, Creative Director, Liquid Hub

Andy, McAfee, Vice President, Group Creative Director, AbelsonTaylor

John, Nelson, SVP, Strategic Planning, Evoke Health

David, Newton, SVP, Creative Director, Neon

Liz, O’Neil, SVP, Channel Strategy & Research, Ogilvy CommonHealth

Joyce, Pedretti, SVP, Senior Creative Director, BBDO

Christine, Piñeiro, SVP, Managing Director, Carat USA

Bill, Previdi, Creative Director, HAVAS Tonic / HAVAS Health & You

Patricia, Prugno, Partner, Managing Director, STRIKEFORCE Communications

Jeff, Rothstein, CEO/Founding Partner, Cult Health

James, Talerico, Managing Director | Executive Creative Director, Heartbeat

Dale, Travis, Managing Director, Pathway, Omnicom Media Group

2016 Past Winners

All listings are from date of award

Norm, Alger, VP, Group Director, Creative, Digitas Health LifeBrands

Janet, Barnard, Group Media Director, Pathway, Omnicom Media Group

Richard, Butt, EVP, Executive Creative Director, Young & Rubicam

Marc, Ferrara, VP, Account Director, Publicis

Carol, Fiorino, Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

Lisa, Kang, SVP, Senior Account Director, BBDO

Howard, Lenn, Group Creative Director, J. Walter Thompson

Tom, McCaully, Vice President, Healthcare Strategies, Targetbase

Mark, McConaghy, SVP, Strategic Planning, Evoke Health

Tim, Millas, Chief Creative Officer/Managing Partner, Beacon Healthcare Communications

Georgia, Pavlounis, VP, Group Media Director, Carat

Julia, Phelan, EVP, Group Management Director, FCB Health

Myra, Robinson, Associate Director, Insights & Innovations, Wunderman

Mike, Spitz, Digital Strategy & Business Development, Klick Health

Suzanne, Winkelman, Group Account Director, Havas Worldwide TONIC

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