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Hospital Forum on Women’s Health: Impact of Femtech on Women as Healthcare Decision Makers

April 28, 2021 | 1:30 pm Eastern
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Wednesday, April 28: 1:30 – 2:30pm Eastern

Impact of Femtech on Women as Healthcare Decision Makers

Women make 85% of the health care decisions for their families, account for 70% of the highest volume surgeries and are the majority (>60%) of orthopedic, cardio-vascular, neuroscience and oncology patients. In other words, women are the undisputed major purchasers of health care!

Femtech is technology related to female health products and services and can range from telehealth services and virtual care equipment to phone based apps. Women utilize technology based health care products and services significantly more than men and have adopted them quickly due to convenience and quality. There has been an exponential increase in technology based health care services during the pandemic. This has resulted in a “new normal” in how to interact with women health care consumers and decision makers.

This webinar will focus on the impact of Femtech on women as health care consumers and decisions makers. It will feature an expert panel of CEOs of Femtech companies that will present strategies to reach your most important customer, women. They will discuss the evolution of marketing to women and how you can utilize the Femtech models to gain a competitive edge in your market.



Amanda Gorman
Founder and CEO
Nest Collaborative

Virtual/Telehealth Lactation Consultation



Amanda French
Founder and CEO

Automated birth control pill cases that connect to a phone app



Moderator: Vicki Lucas
President, Vicki Lucas, LLC, Women’s Health Business Consultants


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Overview of Nest Collaborative

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Panel Discussion

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