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Vice President, Advanced Insights & Marketing

Frank Chipman

Frank has over 20 years of experience working across a variety of sectors with a focus on healthcare and consumer packaged goods (CPG). His areas of expertise include communication testing, tracking, segmentation, concept testing and demand forecasting.

Frank gets the greatest satisfaction from using research to find information that can help clients meet their business objectives. To him, this means looking for the nuggets that are sometimes buried deep within the data, not just what can be found on the surface. Frank strives to provide at least 3 critical findings that his client can use for every research project he conducts.

He also serves as a judge for the DTC National Conference and has been a keynote speaker for the organization since 2014.

Frank holds an honours bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan in Political and Social Science. In addition, he has also completed advanced training from the Kellogg School of Management.



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