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Executive Director, The STARR Coalition

Luke Kramer

Luke has worked for over 25 years assisting individuals on their road to mental health recovery. He began his career creating a nationally recognized art program for adults with serious and persistent mental illness. Within in a few years, the program helped artists sell over $250,000 of original art with all the profits turning to the clients. He worked as lobbyist for mental health reform and parity, trained over 3,000 mental health professionals and paraprofessionals, and developed an auditory hallucination simulation to help professionals and caregivers the ability to step into the shoes of someone living with auditory hallucinations. Seven years ago, Luke created The STARR Coalition (Stakeholders in Treatment, Advocacy, Research and Recovery) with his friend and colleague Carol Witham. The nonprofit organization brings together national thought leaders from clinical research sites, CRO’s, sponsors, treatment and advocacy with the mission to address the discrimination associated with mental illness and to promote research as an option for recovery.

He is inspired by researchers who tirelessly work to develop new therapies for brain disorders but knows the true heroes are those who continue to persevere despite experiencing symptoms of mental illness.



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