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Owner, Palm Harbor Pharmacy, Owner & Founder, ATRIUM24

Dr. Nicolette Mathey

Dr. Nicolette Mathey, PharmD, is the owner of Palm Harbor Pharmacy and Atrium24, a business consulting firm. She began her career as a 16-year-old clerk at a major chain, and eventually became pharmacy manager, involved in their launch of transitions of care programs with meds to beds. From there, she implemented over 15 TOC programs in the Tampa Bay area, working for both BayCare Health’s 13+ hospital system and an HCA hospital outpatient pharmacy that also specialized in compounding. Dr. Mathey then worked for Pharmacy Development Services (PDS) as Director of Clinical Services, bringing turn-key Bedside Delivery materials to their membership and helping build industry-changing programs for independent pharmacies. She has had the opportunity to speak at and host many pharmacy events, and enjoys learning how businesses succeed in this heavily regulated healthcare environment. Most recently, Dr. Mathey has been building Palm Harbor Pharmacy’s business by direct prescriber relationships and customized clinical protocols. Her consulting firm, Atrium24, serves to introduce these programs to pharmacies, built around medications with better profitability than the average prescription, and improve the financial performance of a pharmacy while developing deep relationships with prescribers in their communities and addressing unmet patient needs to improve their health outcomes as well as elevate their pharmacy experience.



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