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Chief Executive Officer, The Goldstein Group

Terri Goldstein

Terri helps FMCG companies to position, identify and develop ownable brand core identifiers that can be fiercely protected. Her guiding design principle is based on a proven scientific methodology that understands consumers’ associative and deliberate sequence of cognition—both in-store and online.

Through this informed lens, Terri and her accomplished team of graphic and industrial designers, copywriters, researchers, regulatory and IP experts assist her clients to successfully:

• Recast a brand’s authentic heritage, appropriately leveraging or evolving its brand identifiers.

• Launch RX/OTC Switch Drugs via industrial and graphic design assets.

• Establish new products searching for an identity.

Over the course of her 25-year career, executives in the FMCG and Pharmaceutical industry have turned to Terri for her expertise in brand identity and creative leadership. In 2005, she founded The Goldstein Group and has since helped strengthen the brand identity and business health of some of the world’s most enduring brands including Heinz Ketchup, Bayer Aspirin, Luden’s Cough Drops, Panasonic Razors, Crystal Deodorant, Chock Full O’ Nuts, Aqua Net, Moon Pie, Icy Hot, One-A-Day, Ibuprom and Foster Grant. Terri and her team created the brand identity for Plan B, Allegra, Nasacort and the Xyzal logo during all four brands’ hugely successful switches to OTC.

Terri was profiled in Advertising Age (“Packaging Guru Proves What’s On Outside Counts – And Sells”, Dec. 2012), and was named by GDUSA as one of 2013’s People to Watch. Terri is the author of breakthrough research on consumer behavior, recall, and sensory motivation in the retail environment with her Shelf Sight Sequence™ and E-Sight Sequence™.



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