Xpectives.Health Virtual Forum

Talking DTC: Digital Divide: How New Tech Can Help—and Hurt—Health Equity Efforts

Sep. 1, 2021 | 1:30pm Eastern



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Phreesia‘s innovative platform offers a suite of robust applications to manage the patient intake process, including registration, revenue cycle, clinical support, appointments and patient activation. Our innovative technology provides a seamless, consistent patient experience, while enabling healthcare organizations to optimize their staffing, boost profitability and enhance clinical care. It also empowers Life Science companies to connect meaningfully with clinically relevant patients.

Phreesia’s PatientConnect platform transforms the way patients engage with your brand by delivering targeted health content in a one-to-one setting. Through integrations with leading EHRs, we can leverage specific behavioral and clinical criteria to identify and motivate the right patients to initiate meaningful brand conversations.

PatientConnect meets patients where they are, both virtually and in-person, and reaches them at multiple touchpoints throughout their healthcare journey. This ensures that patients see the right message at the right time, ultimately converting more patients to your brand. To learn more about Phreesia PatientConnect, visit lifesciences.phreesia.com.