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Talking DTC: Measuring DTC Campaign Success

How do DTC advertisers measure success? While ROI may be the bottom line, many metrics may be used to measure consumer response. Measurements are getting more precise and, with so many media vehicles used, more complex. Explore the best ways to set up a measurement system with leading experts.

Nov 9, 2022 / Talking DTC: Innovations at Point of Care Advertising

Point of Care advertising has exploded in importance as every DTC advertiser wants their disease education and brand message to be seen by patients where they get treated. While most POC started as magazines, wallboards, pamphlets, in-office TV ads, the techniques used have evolved with the digital media explosion. Office coverage growth has made POC a national scalable media option. Hear from leading experts what is the future of POC.

Talking Health: Multicultural Health Marketing

With the importance of communicating health information to multicultural communities now more prominent than ever following the Covid crisis, its very important that marketers learn to communicate with these communities in ways that are salient to them. This panel of experts discusses how to do so in a culturally competent manner and is a preview of the sorts of conversations and topics coming to the Multicultural Health National Conference next month

Talking DTC: The Creative Landscape of DTC

In this episode of Talking DTC with Bob Ehrlich, our founder and chairman and panelists will discuss what can we learn about what works from the successful DTC campaigns. Are there clear “rules” for success?

Talking DTC: DTC Print Opportunities

In this episode of Talking DTC with Bob Ehrlich, our founder and chairman and panelists will discuss print – a still important, but declining, medium. How has the print industry adapted to the decline? What are the opportunities for DTC in magazines and newspapers?

Talking Health: Increasing Minority Participation in Clinical Trials

Clinical trial recruiting can make or break your drug approval. Taking a long time to find participants, finding inadequate participants, or not getting the right sample can cost your company millions, if not billions, of dollars. And now, due to recent regulatory rulings, it is imperative that clinical trials include a more representative sample of minorities for a drug to get approved. Our panel of experts discusses the challenges in getting this representative sample of participants in your trial, what are some ways to increase participation, and how companies can improve their communication and recruitment strategies to increase the speed and makeup of their trial participation.

Talking DTC: The Post COVID DTC World

In this episode of Talking DTC with Bob Ehrlich, our founder and chairman and panelists will discuss the potential lasting effects of COVID on DTC marketing. How are patients, brands, and teams adapting to our new normal?

Talking DTC: The New Television Media Environment

In this episode of Talking DTC with Bob Ehrlich, our founder and chairman and panelists will discuss the personalization of streaming, addressable, and the fragmentation of targeted media options. What can DTC marketers do to improve media selection and get better ROI?

Talking Health: Clinical Trials

COVID-19 showed us the need to be able to perform clinical trials faster and in a more patient friendly manner. This panel discusses new ways to recruit for clinical trials, including getting a representative group of participants; reaching out to potential participants outside of the doctor’s office; and how to increase the overall amount of people in the clinical trial system. Different ways of recruiting potential participants for clinical trials, the impact of decentralized clinical trials, and how we can use technology to better increase participation in clinical trials will be discussed. This panel is a preview of the half-day on Clinical Trial Marketing and Recruitment that will take place at this year’s Xpectives.Health Summit in April in Boston.

Talking DTC: The New POC World

In this episode of Talking DTC with Bob Ehrlich, our founder and chairman and panelists will discuss what has changed at the office and pharmacy. Is POC poised to take a major share of spending?

Talking DTC: Creative Strategies

In this episode of Talking DTC with Bob Ehrlich, our chairman will be joined by creative thought leaders to discuss what makes a great, successful creative campaign. Learn from these industry experts how to: differentiate your brand in a highly regulated, and oftentimes crowded, space; efficiently market your product within media channel limits; and test concepts or experiment with unique ideas to enliven your marketing.

Talking DTC: Marketing COVID Vaccines

The COVID vaccine distribution is underway, but there are still some hurdles to face as many citizens are cautious about receiving the injections. According to reports, while the majority of the population understands the importance of a COVID vaccine, their confidence in its safety is uncertain. Our panel of experts will share how healthcare organizations are collaborating to educate consumers, address their hesitancy and concerns, and create vaccine confidence during this critical time.

Talking DTC: Healthcare Patient Technologies

Technological advancements allow marketers to engage with and support patients throughout their patient journey, as well as ensuring they adhere to their prescribed treatment plan. Our panel of thought leaders will discuss how COVID-19 accelerated digital platform and technology usage, how these innovations can lead to more personalized patient engagement, and how technology can uncover trends and behavioral insights, improving overall health outcomes for patients.

Talking DTC: Impact of the New Presidential Administration

With President Biden having taken office this year, changes are sure to come for our industry. Our next episode of Talking DTC will address legislative and regulatory issues impacting DTC marketing and its patients. Join our panelist of Washington insiders to keep up on the latest information.

Talking DTC: Media Buying and Planning

From new platforms and channels to connect with patients on to the changing media consumption habits of consumers, marketers today need to be more agile than ever to ensure they are delivering the most effective performance strategy. Our media thought leaders will discuss cutting-edge opportunities, media trends and evolution, and multi-channel optimization to provide you with an all-encompassing view that will help drive results.

Talking DTC: Advancements in Measurement

As marketers move beyond traditional metrics to evaluate performance, innovations in measurement allow them to gain a more holistic understanding of both their campaigns and patient behaviors. On this episode, data analytics experts will address the challenges behind accurately measuring a campaign; the valuable insights to be gained when measuring against script data; ways you can prepare for future developments in this space; as well as verification and validation of your marketing investments.

Talking DTC: New Innovations to Reach & Engage Consumers

Talking DTC: Health Disparities

In this episode of Talking DTC with Bob Ehrlich, our dedicated experts will help educate you on what more the DTC industry can do to help identify, correct, and resolve issues often experienced by marginalized and minority communities.

Talking DTC: Targeting & Programmatic Advertising

With continual pressure to keep campaigns optimized and waste minimized, targeting and programmatic advertising helps improve performance. On this episode of Talking DTC, you will learn what the latest approaches available are in various media channels and how to best utilize such tactics to improve segmentation and reach among your sought-after audience.

Talking DTC: Campaign Launches

In this episode of Talking DTC with Bob Ehrlich, our chairman will be joined by agency mavens to help you develop effective pre-launch and launch work. Our esteemed panel will share advice and insights on such topics as: what are the differences marketers should consider when they are first to market vs entering a crowded marketplace? Is this launch for a disease awareness or a branded campaign? How should marketing differ if you are targeting a mass audience or a rare disease audience? What are best practices for developing a creative strategy and brand identity?

Talking DTC: Campaign Analysis: What Works, What Doesn’t

In this episode of Talking DTC with Bob Ehrlich, our chairman will be joined by expert analysts to discuss campaign elements and approaches that help – or hinder – your chances for success. These industry researchers will share insights and advice to make your marketing more dynamic, aid with brand recall, and engage target audiences.

Talking DTC: The Power of the Patient Voice

There is great value in patients and caregivers sharing their experiences, particularly when their insights can inform progress in the development of new treatments. In this episode of Talking DTC with Bob Erhlich, our chairman leads a discussion with Pam Cusick, Senior Vice President of Rare Patient Voice LLC, a representative from InVibe, and a patient living with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome on the power of the patient voice. This conversation will include why patient input is vital to research, what participating can look like for a patient, and ways patients and caregivers can become involved.

Talking DTC: Digital Divide: How New Tech Can Help-and Hurt-Health Equity

Digital technology is helping marketers understand their audiences better than ever before and shedding light on the specific healthcare needs of underrepresented groups. But in other ways, the use of new technologies may actually be making it more difficult to reach these very groups by widening the digital divide. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how DTC marketers can use new digital tools to improve health equity—and the questions they need to be asking to avoid negatively impacting the very populations they seek to help.

Talking DTC: COVID Impacts on DTC Marketing: Moving Forward

In this episode of Talking DTC with Bob Ehrlich, our chairman will be joined by industry trailblazers to discuss how COVID has changed the way our industry markets to and engages with patient audiences. As we are turning the corner on this global pandemic, this panel will address how patient communications have been reshaped for the long-term, focusing on the evolution and future of DTC marketing.