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X.H U Workshop: Marketing Alternative Medicines

Given the prominence of Mental Health as a significant health concern within our country, the utilization of alternative medications such as marijuana, ketamine, LSD, and other emerging therapies has witnessed a substantial surge in recent years. However, obstacles in the form of regulatory complexities and a dearth of robust clinical trials have rendered the differentiation between genuine practices and unsubstantiated claims in these domains a formidable challenge. Consequently, the dissemination of accurate health information to potential patients faces considerable impediments. This workshop aims to delve into these innovative realms:

  1. Current Landscape: An exploration of ongoing developments in these spheres.
  2. Comparative Advantages: An analysis of the merits vis-à-vis conventional treatment avenues.
  3. Legal Framework: A comprehensive overview of the permissible administration of these therapies by licensed medical practitioners.
  4. Pharmaceutical Involvement: Insight into the existing and prospective strategies of pharmaceutical companies in the research and development of these therapies.
  5. Effective Communication: Strategies for effectively conveying the medical benefits and potential risks of these alternative treatments to patients.

With Mental Health assuming paramount importance, the workshop will serve as a platform to navigate the complexities of these emerging treatments and foster informed decision-making.


April 19, 2024



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