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May 19, 2021 | 1:30 pm Eastern

Wednesday, May 19

With an unprecedented move of patients from doctors’ offices to virtual health care over the last year, this has quickly become an important area for pharma marketers to consider in their marketing plans. Our event discusses this shift, what it means for marketers, and how marketers can best reach consumers seeking healthcare on their devices from their homes while their minds are focused on treatments for their conditions.


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1:30pm Eastern

Welcome Remarks

1:35 pm

Telehealth after the Pandemic: Here to Stay or a Momentary Blip?

The pandemic has changed the standard of care to now include telehealth, which will continue to be a long-term component of care delivery. Providers across specialties are taking advantage of increased demand and policy changes allowing more telehealth appointments, increasing their capacity. Patients’ comfort level with telehealth is growing, and people in all age groups are increasingly willing and able to use virtual care. In the short term, sustaining telehealth depends on the continuation of new policies and reimbursement models. In the longer term, providers will continue to benefit from the increased convenience for patients and providers and the higher capacity that virtual care allows.



David Linetsky
SVP, Life Sciences,

Hilary Hatch
Chief Clinical Officer,

2:05 pm

A Roadmap to Increasing Digital Health Adoption Through Trusted Patient Influencers

Consumer digital health adoption remains a challenge for most pharma companies. Patient influencers understand the adoption challenges, as well as anyone and are oftentimes over-looked allies pharma companies have when it comes to building and marketing new solutions to the broader patient communities. Patient influencers not only have hands-on experience in digital health, but they also know what works, what doesn’t, and how to innovate with patients. In 2020, patients faced radical changes in the way they experience healthcare. WEGO Health wanted to learn more about patient influencers’ perspectives on digital health adoption and surveyed 125 of its members. Key themes emerged such as high-value digital initiatives, personal data exchange, and effective engagement strategies. During this session, Richelle Horn will share a comprehensive look at the findings and share tactical takeaways in designing a successful roadmap to digital adoption through trusted patient influencers.



Richelle Horn
Sr. Director of Marketing,
WEGO Health

2:35 pm

Telehealth: All Roads Lead to the EHR

The point-of-care has expanded. While COVID restrictions across the nation are being lifted and consumers are largely resuming in-person activities, almost 88% of consumers want to continue using telehealth for non-urgent consultations post-pandemic. While the avenues of care delivery are expanding, a patient’s electronic health record remains the backbone of that care – no matter how it’s delivered.

Join Angelo Campano to discover more about how telehealth and EHR intersect, what the changing regulations in telemedicine mean for providers, and what new engagement opportunities the “tele-” movement unlocks for pharma marketers.



Angelo Campano
SVP & Principal of Agency Channels,

3:05 pm

Engaging Consumers and Driving Patient Interaction via Virtual Care

20 months ago, Ray Rotolo and 3 other digital health industry leaders recognized the rapidly expanding sector of virtual healthcare. Little did they know, COVID would cause an acceleration beyond anyone’s expectations. They quickly identified the only working HIPPA compliant technology that would enable sponsor supported virtual healthcare across multiple modalities – video, voice, asynchronous & chat. In less than 2 years the idea has mushroomed 30 active clients in an emerging industry, enabling multiple telehealth providers to support the fastest growing segment of digital health



Ray Rotolo
Chief Growth Officer & Co-Founder,
Populus Media