2021 Virtual Forum on OTC Marketing: OnDemand

(Sponsored Session) AI Advertising: The Next Era of Digital Health Marketing

The advertising industry is being upended. Driven by consumers’ demand for increased transparency around how their data is used, new policies are now in play that are forcing health businesses to adapt by prioritizing privacy, but without diminishing personalization. Meanwhile, health brands are scrambling to adapt to ever-evolving consumer needs and challenges precipitated by the global pandemic. This convergence of forces has given rise to an identity crisis that will forever change the way we approach advertising.

Join IBM’s Ali Gwin to learn how AI can help us usher in a new way to market that is privacy-first, personalized and scalable across the entire advertising ecosystem.


Ali Gwin

Product Market Leader,

IBM Watson Advertising

From eCommerce to Influence: Key Strategies to Consider for OTC Brands

Covid wasn’t as much of a pivot, as an acceleration. It resulted in rapid decline in enterprises that were already flailing, while generating a positive force for behaviors that had been gaining momentum. Consumer shopping may shift again as people look forward to returning to the “experience” of in-person purchase, but it can’t be ignored that even grandma now has a Prime account or is posting on TikTok. So, what does this mean for consumer healthcare brands? Learn three strategies to embrace this turbo-charged evolution to drive conversion for your OTC brand.



Alyson O’Mahoney

Managing Director

RLA Collective, A Ruder Finn Company

Rx to OTC Switch: A Realistic Growth Strategy?

A shocking 40% of Rx to OTC switches in the US since 2000 have failed commercially. Nonetheless, Rx to OTC switch can provide an effective mechanism to launch a “new to the world” consumer healthcare brand. A successful Rx to OTC switch requires much more than regulatory approval, however. Using case studies from both commercial successes and failures, this presentation will provide an overview of the key factors required for success in the US. After a period of very few Rx to OTC switches in the US, activity appears to be ramping up.


Susan B. Levy

Founder and Principal,

Susan B. Levy Consulting, LLC

Wayfind your Brand – Demystifying Brand Identity and Consumer Behavior in Store and Online

During this fast-paced and informational speech you’ll: Develop tools to build both intuitive and deliberate cognitive connections for consumers to wayfind your brand in an omnichannel Marketplace; Understand consumer purchase behavior, habits, rituals and impulsive behavior at retail, via shopper marketing knowledge; and Learn how to create an informed design strategy for your OTC brand that utilizes color category codes, unexpected shapes, own-able symbols and words to result in an intuitive visual vocabulary that can be seen, felt and understood for your own memorable brand recall.



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Terri Goldstein

Chief Executive Officer,

The Goldstein Group