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  • DTC in Perspective: Drug Prices in DTC Ads? Bad Idea Gets Traction.

    The Senate recently passed an amendment to a larger health care bill that requires drug prices be disclosed in DTC Ads. The Durbin amendment was adopted with bipartisan support. It really just gives HHS a million dollars to study a way to require the disclosure. What is clear is this idea has strong support from […]

  • DTC in Perspective: AMA Delegation Pushes for DTC Ads to Tell Price

    Some state delegations are pushing the AMA to adopt a position to push drug makers to include the retail price in their ads. They feel full disclosure will inform consumers that some drugs are very expensive up front. The physicians pushing this idea feel drug makers will be held more accountable by the public if […]

  • Insulin Prices Soar While Drugmakers’ Share Stays Flat

    Contrary to popular belief that soaring drug prices translates to growing wealth for manufacturers, the royalties within the insulin market are going directly to the middlemen. Also known as pharmacy-benefit managers (PBMs), their purpose in the market is to negotiate rebates and fees based on list prices. In light of the recent price increase of […]

  • DTC in Perspective: Taking on Anecdotal DTC Critics

    Everyone has an opinion on drug ads. From skits on Saturday Night Live, to the halls of Congress we hear critics mock DTC. Last week I criticized the 9/12 Ad Age story citing terror tactics used by drug marketers. The managing editor, Ken Wheaton, of Ad Age decided to write a follow up column telling […]

  • DTC in Perspective: Hillary Has Plan to Fight “Unjustifiable” Drug Prices

    The drug companies made Hillary’s enemies list earlier this year along with Iran, the Republicans, and the NRA. She now has a plan to ensure drug prices do not rise higher than whatever she thinks is fair. The essence of her plan is to allow government to decide whether a drug price increase is justified. […]

  • DTC in Perspective: Why We Benefit from Higher Drug Prices

    Let me cite a headline in a recent 5/27 Associated Press story. “Superbug resistant to last-resort antibiotic found in the United States.” For the naïve critics who want to hammer drug companies who do you think will develop new antibiotics? Will it be the same caliber folks who run the TSA? The Post Office? The […]

  • DTC in Perspective: FDA Doing Study About Risk Communication

    FDA is proposing a study which I call “less is more.” The study is long overdue. They are concerned that too many risks are being presented in television ads and perhaps this confuses consumers. The basic lesson of advertising is to focus on the main point or compelling benefit if you want people to remember […]