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May 27, 2021 1

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Today, digital marketing has carved out a place for itself in virtually every business sector, including healthcare. This omnipresent technology is constantly evolving and presenting users with new capabilities through improved reach and retargeting capabilities. It’s a technology with countless proven uses, yet it still leaves many people wondering—what will be next? Over the past six months, InStep Health’s Chief Product Officer, Dan Wilmer, sat down with a handful of the healthcare’s top media marketing publications to discuss reaching patients, influencing HCPs, and maximizing client ROI. Here are the key takeaways:


Reaching Patients and Consumers

Digital media can bring meaningful and measurable experiences to patients and consumers at various touchpoints. Getting them educational information about health products and therapies makes patients more knowledgeable about the conditions they are facing. Messaging doesn’t need to be intrusive or immoderate; it simply needs to be helpful, timely, and appropriate to the audience it serves. This is the kind of digital messaging that InStep Health delivers — education, offers, and reminders to help patients make the best decisions for their health.


Influencing the Influencers

In addition to reaching patients directly, brands must deliver relevant information to doctors, pharmacists, and medical staff where patients are being treated and seeking healthcare advice.


Mixing Tactile and Digital Exposure for Maximum ROI

InStep Health has seen inordinate results when traditional tactics such as at-shelf displays and physician office table tents are integrated with digital targeting tools. For example, InStep Health frequently creates custom digital targeting audience models for a particular patient sub-population. Then these patients are reached with a client’s brand message throughout an InStep Health program using various digital media outlets aligned to the in-office and in-pharmacy impressions. By putting these messages in different venues and types of media, the audience gets repeated exposure to the education or offer. Seeing customized messages, strategically placed, and shown multiple times, makes people more likely to act.

These are just a few of the concepts from Dan’s recent discussions. And while we cannot say precisely what’s next for digital marketing, when methods are applied strategically and ethically, the benefits are infinite. To get the full interviews, use these direct links:

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