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GSK Shingrix- Straight Talk

October 9, 2020 by Bob Ehrlich0
The new GSK campaign for its shingles vaccine is very interesting. They have coalesced their message around a very simple statement: “Shingles Doesn’t Care.” They are telling consumers that you can do everything right health wise and still get shingles. 

They are using a multimedia campaign which is well integrated in terms of creative approach. The 60-second tv ad is vignette style with consumers in different scenes saying they take various healthy actions through diet, exercise, and being outdoors. The authoritative voice over says each time that shingles doesn’t care. You can do everything right, but shingles is lurking and as you age the immune system is less effective keeping shingles from appearing.

The ad claims that Shingrix is over 90% effective. What is great about this ad is the clarity of the claims. Basically, shingles will affect 1 in 3 people. Your healthy lifestyle does not matter. Shingrix works well to prevent outbreaks. 

The print campaign is also very memorable. Each execution shows a full page visual of a person 50+ in a healthy situation with a small headline saying what they are doing to keep healthy. Underneath in the center of the visual is the “Shingles Doesn’t Care” headline. 

There is a digital component of the campaign as well with varying reminders to ask your doctor about Shingrix. The website is well integrated in look and feel of the media campaign. There is easy to understand additional information on shingles and Shingrix.

The GSK Shingrix campaign meets all the criteria for very successful DTC ROI. They have a large potential target, a simple solution to a frightening disease, and easy to understand advertising with motivating action steps. The spending to date, according to MediaRadar is about $10 million.
Bob Ehrlich,
DTC Perspectives, Inc.


Bob Ehrlich

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