Xpectives.Health: Virtual Forum

Forum on Consumer Data Privacy & Cybersecurity

March 24, 2021 | 1:30 pm Eastern

Wednesday, March 24

Privacy and cyberattacks are among the top concerns when it comes to patient data. DTC Perspectives is hosting a half-day virtual forum to help you learn about innovative approaches you can implement to safely collect needed consumer and patient information (especially as we move towards a cookie-less future); how technologies can be leveraged to help secure data; and ways to prevent and protect against cyberattacks. Join us on March 24th, starting at 1:30pm ET, for our upcoming virtual Forum on Consumer Data Privacy and Cybersecurity.
1:30 pm Eastern

Welcome Remarks

1:35 pm

Break the Cycle with AI: The Next Era of Digital Marketing

As the cookie crumbles, regulations grow, and consumer privacy takes center stage, the advertising industry is at an inflection point. With major changes around the corner for marketers, publishers, and consumers, how is your brand leaning into advanced technology like AI to evolve digital advertising for the better? Join Grace Murphy & Dani Feore, IBM Watson Advertising, to learn how AI Advertising can break the cycle with a new way forward and enable faster, more accurate decisions based on consumer intent and grounded in privacy-friendly data. You’ll walk away with actionable insights and recommendations about how AI can become a critical part of your data deprecation strategy in the months and years ahead.



Dani Feore
Head of Industry, Pharma, Consumer Healthcare & CPG, IBM Watson Advertising

Grace Murphy
Brand Strategist, IBM Watson Advertising


Image Credit: Any IP Ltd 

2:05 pm

A Call to Action for Healthcare Marketers: The Past, Present, and Future of Digital Advertising Targeting and Privacy

Google and Apple continue to tout their plans for diminishing the ability of advertisers to track online audiences with third-party cookies and device identifiers. While this has an effect on almost everyone in the advertising ecosystem, publishers, and subsequently healthcare marketers, are feeling it the most as without it their traditional business model is put at risk. In this presentation, DeepIntent CRO Greg Smith, who developed the first cookie targeting solution (22 years ago) and spearheads DeepIntent’s transition to a cookie-less world, will discuss the future of programmatic for healthcare marketers and publishers and why publisher direct relationships along with Universal IDs will be important for the future of the industry.



Greg Smith
Chief Revenue Officer,

2:35 pm

Not All Data is Created Equal: Key Considerations for Marketers when Selecting a Health Data Supplier

With rising limitations on the use of cookies and device IDs, marketers are leaning more on alternate sources of consumer data to power their advertising and CRM campaigns. But ‘data’ is an expansive concept, and not all data is created equal. In this session, PulsePoint Chief Technology Officer Ezra Suveyke will help you understand variations in consumer data and pinpoint the value drivers most relevant for your business. Come for the learning. Stay for the action plan.



Ezra Suveyke
CTO/CPO, PulsePoint

3:05 pm

Beyond HIPAA: Protecting Patient Privacy in a Connected World

As more life sciences companies build marketing analytics platforms in-house, it’s essential that companies use a privacy-first approach to analytics. Veeva Crossix will share best practices, and approaches to avoid, when connecting health and non-health data.



Hart Mechlin
Media Partnerships Manager, Veeva Crossix