Xpectives.Health: Virtual Forum

Forum on the New POC

April 21, 2021 | 1:30 pm Eastern

Wednesday, April 21

Point of Care (POC) is a critical touchpoint in the patient journey that underwent a significant evolution during the pandemic. Our virtual forum on The New POC will address how doctor-patient interaction and engagement has grown and what opportunities have emerged that will lead our industry forward toward the future. Join our speaking faculty of POC experts as they guide you through the different elements at the various points of care, as well as the newest industry auditing standards to help you protect your POC investments.


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1:30pm Eastern

Welcome Remarks

1:35 pm

A COVID-19 Year in Review: PoC3’s Perspective on the Future of the POC Channel

During this presentation, PoC3 Co-Chairs Dr. Richard Awdeh (CheckedUp) and John Kenyon (Meredith Targeted Media Health) will present how the POC channel was impacted by the pandemic and its acceleration of the evolution of the channel. This presentation will include insights and analysis on how COVID-19 affected the POC channel, traffic patterns to doctors’ offices, how the member companies pivoted their products to reach patients during the pandemic, and PoC3’s vision for the future of the POC channel.



Richard Awdeh, MD
Chief Executive Officer,
CheckedUp & PoC3 Board Co-Chair

John Kenyon
Vice President & Managing Director
Targeted Media Health & PoC3 Board Co-Chair

2:05 pm

Point of Care Validation in 2021: An Update on Industry Auditing Standards

The last several years have ushered important developments in point-of-care (POC) verification & validation, each designed to help sponsors invest in POC media with confidence. The release and recent update of industry verification & validation guidance was a pivotal step. A detailed understanding of the guidelines is required to fully appreciate the significance of the program and what it brings to media buyers and marketers. Attend this session for a thorough review of industry verification and validation guidelines as well as an overview of additional audit considerations to help sponsors ensure maximum protection of their POC investment.



Richard Murphy
Executive Vice President,
BPA Worldwide

Ken Shultz
SVP of Audit Services,
Alliance for Audited Media

2:35 pm

The Anatomy of the Pharmacy

Whether it’s to get a flu shot or a prescription, making a late-night run for milk, or mailing a package, there are infinite ways the pharmacy proves to be at the heart of the community. While trends often affect what pharmacies offer customers and patients, their mission to give the public access to health services, consultations, and products remains the same. For pharma marketers, it is an unprecedented opportunity to reach potential patients in a location they frequent during their pursuit for improved health. This session will detail the four sectors that work concurrently within the retail pharmacy — the pharmacist, prescription drug services, consumer goods, and consumer services. You will learn about the unique opportunities the pharmacy provides to its communities for health improvement, education, and guidance. Lastly, Nate will teach you some of the methods pharma marketers can use to unleash the power of the pharmacy and reach their target patient audiences.



Nathan Lucht
President & CEO,
InStep Health

Live Q&A By:
Michael Byrnes
Executive Vice President, Sales,
InStep Health

3:05 pm


3:10 pm

Sponsored Session: Rewriting the Script on Doctor-Patient Engagement

As we all emerge from the pandemic with a fresh perspective, healthcare brand marketers should be primed to embrace point of care as a foundation of marketing plans. While the physical physician office remains the core of diagnosis and treatment decisions, marketers are now presented with many challenges and opportunities of reaching patients along the entire healthcare journey. During this session, Linda will provide actionable steps healthcare brands can take to evolve and embrace this more expansive reality of engagement.

Linda will also provide a comprehensive overview of how PatientPoint—now combined with what was previously known as Outcome Health—is transforming the point-of-care experience. You won’t want to miss this action-packed look at how the bigger and better PatientPoint offers unrivaled scale, impact, trusted results AND innovation to drive richer discussions between doctors and patients and deliver more scripts and more value for healthcare brands. PatientPoint’s mantra has never been truer—we are making every doctor-patient engagement better—and Linda can’t wait to share it during this exciting session.



Linda Ruschau
Chief Client Officer,

3:40 pm

The New POC: Lasting Changes in Patient Perspective

After many years of stasis, the pandemic forced providers to adopt consumer-friendly technologies such as telehealth and mobile check-in to deliver care safely. Having experienced the adoption of technologies and applications that are standard in other industries, patients have increased expectations of what their experience can be. Phreesia’s patient surveys demonstrate that many changes brought on by the pandemic will be offered to patients as a permanent alternative, including using technology to request and register for appointments, track their health, and connect with their provider virtually.



David Linestky
SVP, Life Sciences,

Hilary Hatch
Chief Clinical Officer,

4:10 pm

The Evolving Point-of-Care Landscape: Opportunities for Pharma in Telehealth and the Post-COVID Point of Care Environment

The pandemic accelerated a variety of trends in health care – and significantly affected the way patients access and experience care. ZS’ ongoing COVID Pulse study and telehealth research has been tracking the challenges and opportunities for the PoC communication channel due to COVID-19. Learn how patients, physicians, payers, and tech companies are navigating this new space and what these changes mean for pharma marketing.



Victoria Summers
Associate Principal,

Yasasvi (Yash) Popuri