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150+ Community-Based Organizations Receive Support from CDC Foundation, Partners

August 27, 2021 by admin0

To address issues of health disparities and advance health equity, the CDC Foundation and its partners pledged over $30 million in support to more than 150 community-based organizations (CBOs) “to promote COVID-19 vaccinations and reduce the disease’s burden.” As noted in the news release, “CBOs are uniquely positioned to provide culturally appropriate and community-tailored information about mitigation measures, including the importance of vaccination.”

“This funding will support CBOs across the country to engage with local partners, including their state and local health departments, to address vaccine-related concerns, develop innovative and culturally appropriate communications strategies, and promote timely vaccination both for the COVID-19 vaccine and the seasonal influenza vaccine. The work of CBOs receiving support may include developing vaccine resources, hosting community events, engaging in neighborhood-level outreach and managing local communication campaigns, among other activities,” shared the press announcement.


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