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30-Year WPP Veteran, Stacey Singer, Launches Consultancy

April 9, 2019 by admin0

Stacey Singer, an agency growth specialist of 30 years, recently announced the launch of her own independent agency consultancy. Having left her post with WPP, where she most recently built and managed their global Client Satisfaction Center of Excellence, Singer told DTC Perspectives that she identified a growing need to help better serve agency accounts and thus led to her new venture. Her eponymous consultancy will help agency clients develop the skills and behaviors required to retain and grow their businesses, as well as provide advisement on areas of vulnerability and how integrating proven techniques will lead to immediate improvements and long-term gains.

According to the press release, Singer said, “Agencies dedicate tremendous resources to winning new business. They have pitch teams, consultants, dashboards and best practices, but few agencies commit the same resources or rigor to retain and grow that business. This practice is particularly unfortunate, as nothing hurts an agency’s morale and bottom line more than the constant cycle of pitching, winning, losing and re-pitching business.”


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