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COVID-19 Educational Mobile Tour Focuses on Hard-to-Reach Latino Residents, Reaches NJ in July

July 29, 2021 by admin0

UnidosUS and AARP have teamed up to educate hard-to-reach Latinos on the benefits of COVID-19 vaccines through a mobile tour. As a part of UnidosUS’ Esperanza Hope for All campaign, this tour will provide attendees with answers to their questions and distribute bilingual educational materials at their various stops, which will also be held in “rural and socially vulnerable areas,” according to the news announcement.

“It’s a somber fact that older Hispanics are more likely to suffer health complications or die from COVID-19 than their white peers,” said Julie Marte, AARP New Jersey Associate State Director of Community Outreach in the news announcement. “By working with UnidosUS, we are helping to ensure the Hispanic community is included equitably in vaccine education and helping the community get the information they can trust.” The New Jersey tour stops will run every Saturday and Sunday through August 8th.

The Esperanza Hope for All campaign has reached more than 25,000 people nationwide with its mobile tour, “helping build trust in the COVID-19 vaccines and ensure that the older Hispanic adult community is included equitably in vaccine distribution efforts across the country.” As Rita Carreón, Vice President of Health at UnidosUS further explained, “Latinos are disproportionally concentrated in ‘essential’ occupations where they face higher risk of exposure to the coronavirus—exposure that often results in their hospitalization or death when unvaccinated. That is why fostering trust in the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines and combating vaccine misinformation and disinformation is paramount. Only by reaching out to Latinos where they live and engaging trusted community leaders to deliver this important information, can we meaningfully advance our community and country’s recovery.” For more details about the mobile tour, click here.

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