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Healthline Launches Breast Cancer Support App

September 26, 2018 by admin0

Breast Cancer Healthline launched shortly before Breast Cancer Awareness month in October. This new app provides 1:1 support for patients, survivors, and caregivers through an online community that offers shared experiences, advice and encouragement, as well as the latest news, research, and information, all in real-time. As stated in the news release, “Designed by Healthline to empower people to live beyond their disease through support, hope and knowledge, the Breast Cancer Healthline app offers:

  • Peer support with many ways to connect, from one-to-one messaging to six group chats  accessible anytime, anywhere;
  • Personalized guidance and customized content for both patients and caregivers;
  • Access to meet other members and discuss whatever is on their mind, like self-care, nutrition, relationships and work;
  • Breast cancer content that is medically reviewed, socially inspired and data-driven;
  • A single destination where each member understands that they are not alone.”

Ann Silberman, a current user and patient/survivor, was also quoted in the news release, saying, “My matches have been about my age and stage, so we’ve touched on our worries and fears. It’s incredibly helpful to have the matching system. Because I’m stage 4, travel is hard and without the online world I would not be able to even talk to people with my similar diagnosis.” The app is available for both Android and IOS. It has been featured as one of Apple’s Appstore’s “New Apps We Love” since it’s June premiere.

Healthline is the fastest growing consumer health information site, having reached 67.3 million unique visitors in August 2018, 53 million of which were from the US, according to comScore. As noted in the news release, the company’s property domains – Healthline.com and MedicalNewsToday.com – saw significant gains over the past year: Healthline.com posted a 62% growth in monthly unique visitors vs August of last year and MedicalNewsToday.com saw a +206% increase when compared to August 2017. This helped Healthline debut in the top 50 digital media properties according to comScore.

As per the news release, “Our plan for 2018 was to increase people’s access to Healthline properties, in order to touch more people, improve health and change lives,” said David Kopp, Chief Executive Officer of Healthline Media, Inc. “I’m proud that our team’s active listening to the public, online queries and proactive content development is meeting people’s needs and attracting more users, making Healthline one of the fastest growing digital media properties in the health information category.”

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