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In the News: The Future of Wearables: Can Companies Avoid The Pitfalls Threatening Healthcare Wearables?

January 28, 2016 by Lily Stauffer0

Nowadays, it is nearly impossible to walk down the street without seeing somebody sporting a healthcare wearable. With sales surging at an annual growth rate of 25%, and an impressive $5.1 billion market value, it appears that the healthcare wearable industry is stronger than ever. However, these statics fail to recognize that such wearables are tossed aside by consumers within six months of purchasing. This lack of long-term value can be attributed to a variety of causes, many of which revolve around companies over-complicating their design, ultimately leaving consumers feeling overwhelmed. Further, the clash between fitness trackers and medical wearables is of major concern. In attempt to avoid strict FDA regulations and present shareholders with expedited revenues, companies are dubbing their products as consumer devices used solely for personal tracking. Although this cranks out sales figures more quickly, there is a strong market for medically approved devices, which in turn will lead to long-term use and profitability.

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Lily Stauffer

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