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In the News: 10 Healthcare Wearables, Devices Dominating CES

January 28, 2016 by Lily Stauffer0

Over the past few years, a new wave culture of fitness and clean eating has grown exponentially in the United States. Many attribute this focus on health awareness to its presence on social media, while others consider the lifestyle fitness apparel trend to be a driving factor. Smartphone apps for at-home fitness such as SworkIt and MyFitnessPal are topping the charts. Whatever the cause, quinoa, kale, and exercise tracking are trending. To match the growing demand for personal tracking devices, popular companies such as Under Armour and Garmin have taken their step-counting wearables to a whole new level. The 2016 CES Conference hosted in Las Vegas showcased a variety of types, ranging from smart hearing aids to infrared technology that is designed for pain relief. Goodbye traditional pedometers, and hello to a new era of highly intelligent wearables.

To read more about wearable technologies featured at CES 2016 as reviewed by Kelly Sheridan from InformationWeek, click here.

Lily Stauffer

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