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Rinvoq A New Approach

May 28, 2020 by Bob Ehrlich0
Rinvoq, a new drug for Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), is on my creative radar this week. The AbbVie drug has an interesting 60 second spot that debuted earlier this year. There are several elements that I think are done quite well. First, the benefits are well explained with a voice over and supers for emphasis. Second, there is a clear demo of how RA attacks the body. Third, and I think most unique for DTC, is how the fair balance is introduced. 

Fair balance is often presented as a quick voice over and supers that sometimes is confusing because it is integrated with the benefit discussion. In Rinvoq, there is a clear transition between the benefits and fair balance. At exactly the 30 second mark a new voice over announcer takes over. The benefit section has a female announcer and the fair balance is voiced by a male voice. I am not sure this has been done before but clearly the consumer is helped by such a distinct transition in voice overs.

Research has shown that fair balance is actually seen positively by consumers. Therefore, why not do what Rinvoq does by clearly presenting the risks and side effects instead of trying to hurry through them as many ads do? Consumers deserve to hear the balance in the same tone and manner as benefits. It gives them reassurance that the drug maker is not trying to confuse them or minimize the risks.

I also like the logo of a swirl that is part of the brand name super. Having some logo to aid brand recall is important. It can give consumers an alternate way to describe the band to physicians. It also can connect the brand identification in print and digital media. Memorable devices used in the past, like the Prilosec Purple Pill and the walking bladder from Myrbetriq, exemplify the idea of alternate brand identification.

Rinvoq shows an ad can add unique elements while still using a fairly standard DTC approach. This vignette approach is done in most DTC ads because the drug industry is heavily constrained by FDA regulations and by nature formulaic. Here we have scenes of a female photographer on safari and a female renovating a house with a sledgehammer. These are probably not what most RA sufferers do,but Rinvoq is trying to show strenuous activities are possible after taking Rinvoq to control RA.

So I guess you can say a meat and potatoes creative approach can still be unique when you add in interesting visual and voice elements. In this case, Rinvoq has created an excellent ad by adding in interesting elements throughout including the oft neglected fair balance portion.
Bob Ehrlich
DTC Perspectives, Inc.


Bob Ehrlich

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