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Susan G. Komen Launches Innovative Initiatives to Support Research

November 30, 2017 by admin0

Susan G. Komen announced this month that it has partnered up with Data Does Good to support breast cancer research via purchases made by holiday shoppers. As outlined in a news release, “for every dollar participating supporters spend on Amazon annually, Data Does Good will donate 1% to Susan G. Komen to fund breakthrough research to prevent and find the cures for breast cancer.” There is no extra cost to the shopper, they simply add the Data Does Good extension to their web browser and answer some basic demographic question. Data is anonymized and automatically capture when the user shops for products on Amazon. This data helps reveal shopping insights as well as identifying any relevant trends, which retailers and brands can receive for market research. Any related proceeds received by Data Does Good are then donated – and matched by an affiliated partner – to Susan G. Komen. Depending on when a user has added this extension, either 1% or 2% of their Amazon spending is donated (up to $3,000 annually); Data Does Good and its matching partner have guaranteed a minimum of $100,000.

Last month, Susan G. Komen took another innovative approach to raising funds – launching its first crowdsourcing effort to support metastatic breast cancer research, BeMoreThanPink.org. This initiative was created to help the organization’s Bold Goal, which is to “reduce current breast cancer deaths in the U.S. by 50 percent by 2026.” According to the news release, “[crowdsourcing] donors have the opportunity to contribute directly to the pioneering work of four scientists and their teams who are dedicated to making discoveries that will ultimately improve outcomes for patients suffering from metastatic breast cancer.” These donations will also be matched dollar-for-dollar, by Odonate Therapeutics™, a company dedicated to the development of therapeutics that improve and extend the lives of patients with cancer, and an affiliated partner, up to a maximum of $1.5 million.

A new marketing campaign, created by Dalton Agency, was launched in support of BeMoreThanPink.org. The multichannel PSA launched in October, and features Valynda Planeta, a 38-year old mother of three battling stage IV cancer. One of the TV spots shows Planeta writing letters to her children that are to be opened at special momentous occasions – their graduation days, weddings, and births of their future children – moments she will not be there for. Another TV spot shows her removing her wig, false eyelashes, and eyebrows, as she has lost all of her hair due to chemo. The ads conclude with the donation information.


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