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Vraylar Launches New Campaign to Portray, Destigmatize Bipolar I

September 25, 2019 by admin1

In its ongoing commitment to raising awareness of mental health conditions and treatments and to help the millions of suffering adults, Allergan launched a new campaign for VRAYLAR earlier this month. To represent the ups and downs of mood swings associated with bipolar I disorder, the campaign showcases a woman viewing various episodes of her life as she rides up and down in a shaky elevator.

In “The Ups and Downs Campaign,” upon entering the elevator and pressing the button to her floor, all of the button lights begin to flicker rapidly. The elevator plummets down, with the doors then opening to show her crying on the edge of her bed, before surging back up high, where the doors open on a scene of her arguing with a man. The elevator screen then shows the arrows pointing in both directions, as the doors open to reveal her clothes shopping in a panicked state. After taking VRAYLAR, the elevator ride steadies before stopping in her current life moment where she cleans up the mess in her bedroom, and then takes a smooth elevator ride to meet her date in the lobby.

The creative was shaped by “insights and anecdotes shared by” bipolar I disorder patients, according to the public relations team. “Using physical metaphors taken from how patients describe the condition,” this illustration helps describe the mood episodes as well as the transitions between, covering the full spectrum of bipolar I symptoms: depression, mixed episodes, and mania. The next stage of this campaign will introduce another visual, “inspired by real analogies real patients made about how the ups and downs of bipolar can feel. The intention is to help more people who may be living with the condition recognize the symptoms, and talk to their doctors to see appropriate treatment.”

The campaign includes in-network and cable spots, running in all time periods of the day but with a particular attention to specific shows. Print and newly designed website companion elements launched mid-month. BBDO created the ad; BCW supports the PR and strategic communications efforts for the brand.

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  • Barry Williams

    March 16, 2022 at 6:47 pm

    I noticed Vraylar was introduced in 2015. Our 37 year old daughter Jennifer died just before Christmas in 2014. She fell while in a manic episode, fractured her skull and died of a brain bleed. She had been on Deprakot? for about three years along with other drugs. I can’t help but think that if Vraylar were available it might have made a difference and helped her to survive.

    Vraylar sounds wonderful and hope that it works to save others living in the mind boggling clutch of bi-polar one.


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