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Ad Council, Phreesia Partnership Brings Added Awareness to Alzheimer’s

April 30, 2021 by admin0

The Ad Council’s continued awareness campaign with the Alzheimer’s Association is being brought directly to patients and caregivers via a campaign extension partnership with Phreesia. According to the news release, in the 10 weeks post-campaign launch, “over half the people who engaged with the campaign as they checked in for a healthcare visit on Phreesia’s digital platform were likely to talk to a doctor about Alzheimer’s disease.” The campaign is scheduled to run through the end of 2021.

Patients can view a PSA – designed by Phreesia’s in-house creative team to highlight distinctions between “typical signs of aging and early symptoms of Alzheimer’s” – and then complete an optional survey about their knowledge of the disease as well as the campaign’s impact. “While more than two in three patients surveyed were aware that forgetting new information and becoming confused are symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s disease, patients were less familiar with other symptoms, such as challenges in completing tasks and naming objects or changes in judgement,” stated the news release. Additional resources can be emailed as a follow up to those interested, including “conversation starters for those wanting to address worries with family members and a 10-step action plan for concerned caregivers.”

(Images courtesy of Phreesia.)

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