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InStep Health Speaks to Beet.TV about Teaming with DeepIntent to Reach Patient Subsets

April 30, 2021 by admin0

As medications target more niche audiences, it can be difficult for pharmaceutical marketers to reach their sought-after sub-populations from the greater patient pool. Dan Wilmer, Chief Product Officer of InStep Health, detailed in an interview, shared yesterday, how partnering with DeepIntent allowed them to utilize cutting-edge data-driven capabilities for a multichannel brand campaign: “What [our industry is] doing as healthcare marketers is we’re finding the right patients that are appropriate for these very specific treatments. So I think that the exciting part is that the medicine is getting better than its ever been. The challenge is that those medications are for a narrower and narrower group of people. And that’s where healthcare marketers … are coming into the equation because we’re bringing … this education, this message of hope.”

Sharing a real-world example, Wilmer explained that when crafting a client’s campaign, InStep Health added a digital overlay component to their in-pharmacy and in-physician-office programs. That, coupled with DeepIntent’s HIPAA-compliant patient-modeled technology which looked at ICD 10 codes and NDC numbers, helped generate even greater lift for the brand. This model developed “very specific audiences based on that anonymized and tokenized data,” Wilmer explained in the video interview. When compared against the control group, metrics from third party research studies showed a “9:1 ROI” and “2x the average of all other digital media properties” when measuring audience quality related to digital targeting, he added.

Wilmer’s interview was featured in “Embracing the Future of Healthcare Marketing“, a thought leadership video series from DeepIntent and Beet.TV. DeepIntent, which celebrates its five-year anniversary today, launched the series in November 2020.

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