Author: Givi Topchishvili

  • The Chicken and the Egg of Stopping Zika

    The worst part of the Zika story we know so far, is that we do not know nearly enough to combat it in a meaningful way. First it was just an exotic STD from South America. Then it turns out to be a virus that could cause severe disability in newborns. As of August 2016, […]

  • Can A Focus On Patient Diversity Improve Clinical Trial Participation?

    The necessity of clinical trials as a means of assessing potentially life-saving interventions is widely accepted by healthcare providers and medical researchers alike.  Also generally agreed upon is the difficulty of finding patients who meet the necessary inclusion criteria to participate in these clinical trials. In part, this challenge can be attributed to the administrative […]

  • 13 Wrong Ways to Save on Prescription Drugs

     In a recent article in Time’s Money Magazine, Kara Brandeisky put forward a number of ways Americans can save money on prescription medication. 13 to be exact. The solutions are interesting and creative. They range from substituting brand names for generics, asking your physician for combined pills, and pleading with your insurance provider, to changing […]

  • Beating Martin Shkreli is Not Leadership

    By Givi Topchishvili of 9.8 Group Let me begin by admitting that I haven’t watched a Congressional Hearing since Michael Corleone had to stare down angry lawmakers in the Godfather Part II. Little did I know how accurately a 1974 Hollywood scene portrayed the reality I saw on 2016 CSPAN airing of the Congressional Hearing […]