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Matt McNally Joins The Ad Council Board of Directors, Helps Launch Campaign Thanking Essential Workers

April 29, 2020 by admin0

It was announced yesterday that Matt McNally, CEO of Outcome Health, has been named to the Board of Directors of the Ad Council. McNally joins “a prestigious group of senior marketing and media executives who provide expertise, insights and financial support to ensure the Ad Council’s social good communication campaigns are effective and impactful,” stated the non-profit organization’s news release.

“For Outcome Health this relationship with the Ad Council as an opportunity for new partnerships in areas like content creation, access to new expert content and distribution through our Point of Care network and other new channels,” explains Matt McNally, CEO, Outcome Health. “I have always admired what the Ad Council has done during times of health crisis, from Polio to HIV/AIDS and most recently COVID-19. Our company is looking forward to collaborating with the Ad Council board and its members to advance social change, particularly during this time of unprecedented public health crisis and economic uncertainty.”

According to an industry press announcement, “Outcome Health is the only healthcare platform working with the Ad Council to launch and distribute ‘Out There for Us,’ a campaign that thanks all essential workers for their dedication, resilience and courage amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. By distributing the campaign at Point of Care, Outcome Health is giving doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals, allied healthcare workers, pharmacy and support staff on the frontlines a better chance to see these special acknowledgements.” The Ad Council announced the “Out There for Us” campaign this past Monday (April 27th). As an extension of their current and on-going COVID-19 efforts, this campaign will feature “Good Job”, a new song from fifteen-time Grammy winner and musician Alicia Keys. In addition to the POC distribution via Outcome Health, the campaign will also utilize social media, video assets, and digital OOH ads. These will be “strategically placed on route to hospitals, highway road signs and outside grocery stores in cities facing heavy surges of the virus. … a take over within New York City’s Times Square and one of the largest OOH billboards in America, located at the junction of I-10 and 100 in Los Angeles.” The media has been donated from the Ad Council’s partners and the creative agency, R/GA developed the work pro bono.

This is the latest work from Outcome Health. The point of care company has been partnering with “nonprofit organizations, health advocacy groups, industry content creators, and its own original content created with information from the CDC and federal and state Departments of Health” to provide accurate and timely information to patients and healthcare professionals. Some of their work has also focused on vulnerable or at-risk populations, including children or domestic abuse sufferers.


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