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PatientPoint, Outcome Health Combine to Form PatientPoint Health Technologies

March 31, 2021 by admin0

It was announced earlier this month that PatientPoint had combined forces with Outcome Health to launch a new platform company, PatientPoint Health Technologies. Functioning under the PatientPoint brand, this merger amplifies doctor-patient interactions across the entire patient care journey and, as noted in the release, helps “meet the tech-enabled patient engagement needs of nearly 150,000 unique healthcare providers and impact roughly 750 million patient visits each year.” The new company plans for both organic growth as well as mergers and acquisitions to help “grow its provider base and to expand the suite of innovative, tech-enabled patient engagement solutions it can offer to its provider customers.”

Remarking how well CEO Matt McNally and COO Nandini Ramani turned around Outcome Health and rebuilt trust, PatientPoint’s CEO and Founder, Mike Collette also stated: “By leveraging the best talent and technology from both PatientPoint and Outcome Health, we will be well positioned to expand our suite of innovative patient engagement solutions to deliver improved patient outcomes and a more personalized, relevant patient experience as well as enhanced scale and efficiency for our healthcare sponsors.” He added, “Every key healthcare stakeholder wins with our unique business model: Patients achieve improved health outcomes and an enhanced patient experience, healthcare providers receive innovative, high-value patient engagement solutions at no cost or low cost, and healthcare sponsors that financially support our programs receive forecast-altering sales growth at a compelling ROI.”

PatientPoint’s current leadership will remain in place, leading the new platform company: Mike Collette as Chief Executive Officer; Linda Ruschau as Chief Client Officer; Pat O’Brien as Chief Financial Officer; and Chris Martini as Chief Provider Officer. Technology executives from Outcome Health, Glenn Keighley and Sean Barden, will join PatientPoint’s engineering and information technology teams.

Click here to read the full announcement.

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